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Duties of a Lawyer


Lawyers have a duty to serve the client using their best knowledge and skills. A lawyer’s duty is to act punctually and competently and free of conflicts of interest. The lawyer must communicate with the client and the other parties and move the case along. It is important that the lawyer keep all the information regarding the representation confidential. It is the lawyer’s role to notify the client regarding rules and regulations that govern the case. Failing to follow the procedures with a lawsuit can delay and hurt the client’s chances of winning the case.

The lawyer’s priority is to help the client to obtain the best resolution to the dispute. When a lawyer neglects timelines, this may result in either unnecessary delay or loss of the case. Their duty is to give the client full attention for the best outcome in any legal matter with their actions being responsible and ethical.

Ask yourself these questions about your lawyer’s duties:

  • Was my case dismissed because my lawyer failed to diligently pursue the case?
  • Was my case dismissed because my lawyer failed to designate an expert witness or fail to provide adequate expert reports?
  • Did my lawyer force me to settle my case because of lack of preparation or a conflict of interest?
  • Did I get sued because my lawyer drafted a document or agreement that was improper?
  • Did the lawyer sign documents without my consent?
  • Did the lawyer settle my case below the policy limits that were available?
  • Did the lawyer use adequate "discovery"?
  • Did the lawyer "dump" my case just before the statute of limitations ran out?
  • Did my lawyer force me to settle out of court instead of going to trial because of his/her lack of preparation or experience?
  • Did I get an improper or inadequate settlement in my original suit?